The Monologue of the Lens Series is a meditation on time and memory revealed as a document of details.

In their silent universe – the snails and the stones were simply there, and so were the faces of the children. I recognized one, the face of Anne Frank, a fragment of many faces from the Children’s Memorial Monument build in memory of one million Jewish children who died during the Second World War. The aged gravestone, the colorful snails and photographs of children’s faces surrounded by stones connected and guided the reality of my experience. All the photographs are from the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw with the exception of the last image, which is an interior of Orla Synagogue located in the Northeast/Eastern part of Poland near Bialystok.

someone has visited you

left a small stone to share

intimate thoughts of memory

bonding with life inside the shell

Orla Synagogue, Poland. Orla Synagogue is often called Forgotten Temple and it does not appear on any tourist map. The photograph is the “lens” peeking through the small opening in the door, which was chained.