Do you ever wonder about what happens to people you encounter while traveling?  How deep is your memory of them and how they impact what you experience?

As a photographer, I have gathered quite a few images of faces and moments in time, but this photograph of anonymous, Mayan girl in Guatemala, a quiet vendor by the Lake Atitlan has captivated me over the last decade.

I remember that day so clear.  I saw her from a distance while walking towards to the boat which tour around the lake.  The spherical shapes of baskets surrounded a small and undisturbed figure resting in the center, and blending with textures around her.  A split second of a shutter created this memory, which is my entry to the beauty of the Lake Atitlan.  While away from the shore, in the center of the lake, with mountains and volcanoes around it,  I felt the silent and enduring beauty. 

concealed silence

lasting through time

observes from here

all unseen tomorrows