Markings of Light / Irrelevance of Sharpness

Intentional movement appears as careless smears of light transforming the obvious into unrecognizable marks. The images reveal the unknown and unpredictable outcome of esthetic beauty asking for its meaning.

Recording light in a form of drawing comes from intuitive knowing that pushes me to explore the territory between seeing an image and capturing it.

Transforming what is – into the possibility of what it can become, serves as an attempt to create a conscious bond with the transcendent elements of nature.

I began by abandoning the idea of knowing. Sharpness became an irrelevant causality of this exploration.

This interpretation of movement and seeing its colors of light is a search for something that exists only once and can never be repeated exactly the same way. In the best scenario, the abstract forms of marking the speckles of light lead us into the essence of simplicity and poetic sensibility of beauty.